The Best Rabbit Hutch Hunt Begins

Looking for the best rabbit hutch for your bunny? Here at, we have endeavored to find the most durable, well priced, safest and low maintenance rabbit hutch around!

We’ve managed to find the best on the market, along with some accessories to boot.

By research, talking with manufacturers, customer testimonials and having friends and family test our the hutches for themselves, we’ve created a list of the best hutches on the market today.

For a guide on rabbit hutch selection, choosing rabbit food and much more, check our our Advice section.

Size Matters!

It’s important to note that while a couple of rabbits can run around in a lot of the hutches on the market, it’s not ideal for them. Sometimes it’s best to add on extra run space, or get an additional exercise area for your bunny to keep in peak physical health. Indoor rabbit hutches are preferred bymany rabbit owners. some outdoor hutches make a suitable indoor rabbit hutch, but many of them leave floors exposed and other measures need to be taken to line beneath the cage, and to contain the occasional ‘bunny accident’.

The normally accepted square footage per average sized medium rabbit breed(8.8 pounds or 4 kg)  is ten square feet(or .93 square meters). It is still necessary for pet rabbits to get out and about to run around, just make sure you keep a close eye on them as they do love to burrow, dig and gnaw on everything they shouldn’t.

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Merax Wooden Rabbit House 

First up we have this two story design from Merax. Measuring in at 56″L X 25.6″D X 39″H makes it a decent 10 square feet run area, suitable for one small to medium sized bunny. The footprint lets a fair bit of grass area through for your rabbit to snack on. The Cedar wood is highly durable, and sits well outside, unlike some of the lesser hutches on the market. The front run area folds down to let house and yard trained rabbits come and go as they please with a solid ramp that lets bunnies escape to their retreat when they want a bit of privacy. The linoleum covered roof opens up for ease of access and allows for a runoff of water. It also has a nice plastic pull out tray for ease of cleaning. After a light sand, our friends painted theirs to match their house but it isn’t a strict necessity with a waterproof coating in place already.

All this said though we got the feeling that the space wasn’t utilized 100% with the run extending past the retreat area, plus the water runoff poured straight down to the run area.

Best Rabbit Hutch 4 Star Rating

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TRIXIE Rabbit Hutch with Outdoor Run and Wheels

TRIXIE have done a great job with this particular rabbit hutch. Similar to the Merax Hutch, it has a slide out cleaning tray, and hinged roof. The main distinguishing features of this model is the steeped asphalt roof covering the run and the  attached wheels making it easy to wheel around. The price is a little higher than most hutches but it truly speaks for the quality. The covered run area lets rabbits run around even during a downpour which our bunny appreciates. The solid steel grate construction stops predators from getting access to give you peace of mind. Measuring at 78″ x 45″ x 32″ give this hutch a huge footprint of 24 square feet! This can fit a couple of small to medium sized rabbits, or one big bunny! Another awesome feature of this hutch is the attic space with removable floor. We put a but of insulation in here for ours during winter, but it can be used for storage too. This is the hutch we use to this day. Took the both of us to assemble it though, so make sure to ask a friend over to help you put it together.

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Merax Small Animals Hutch

Another design from Merax, this model is slightly smaller. than our other pick. This design makes up for it’s smaller statue but fully utilizing its upper flosr space. Measuring 53.7″L X 19″D X 36″H it has a footprint of only 7 square feet, but combining the first and second stories with a ramp gives it a huge 14 square feet! More than enough for one of your furry friends. The ramp hatch can be closed to contain your rabbit during cleaning, and the roof is hinged to open for easy access. This hutch is best suited to indoors at it only has a steeped roof on one side, which tends to let weather in. However if you have a nice sheltered spot outside, then we don’t really see any reason why this hutch couldn’t be used outdoors as well. the entire upper floor has a plastic tray which slides out to make cleaning a breeze. We intend to use this one as an indoor hutch over winter so we tend to feel a bit sorry for our bunny out in the cold(call us softies). Overall this is a great starter hutch for medium sized rabbits.

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Advantek Penthouse Rabbit Hutch

The Advantek Penthouse is a cute little pen, really well suited to be the perfect indoor hutch. It has two open sides int he run area, and an enclosed retreat, all with wire floor and plastic tray. This makes the hutch an absolute dream to clean up. The lid, like with most hutches we review, lifts up to let you get you your bunny. At only 4.5 square feet, this hutch is really only suitable for one small bunny full time or a medium rabbit with some run around time. However We were a bit concerned with the quality of the timber this hutch was made from. The one we bought had no real issues apart from the hinges  being a little crooked when we fit them. Nothing a drill can’t fix. A friend of ours bought this hutch for her daughter and had an issue with the wood splitting. We conclude that if you do decide to purchase this. a good head for repairing would go a long way, and you shouldn’t have any problems assembling this hutch. And the price tag leaves enough in your pocket for some necessary accessories.

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