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Best Rabbit Hutch was created after becoming frustrated with all of the nonsense around about raising rabbits. I decided enough is enough and created ‘Best Rabbit Hutch’, the “hutch” with all the answers you need. Learn how to avoid low-quality undersized hutches. Get top-notch bad feeding advice, and learn how to keep your bunny alive.

Hi, my name’s Becca. Myself, Hubby and two kids live on a homestead. We’ve raised everything from Goats to Sheep to pygmy cows(yes they’re a thing). All the while we’ve cared for a small herd of rabbits(since 2006) which we breed for pets to responsible homes and keep and treat as pets ourselves.

Wanting to spread the joy of rabbit raising, we’ve taught all people who have bought our rabbits how to properly care for them and recommending which toys to buy, treats and feed to give them and how to properly care and train their new family member. Wanting to reach out to more people, we created ‘Best Rabbit Hutch’ as a means of reaching out to as many people as we can. With diligence and by research, talking with manufacturers, customer testimonials, we’ve found conclusively the top(and bottom) rabbit products available on Amazon.

Learn which products are a pass, and what you should avoid at all costs. Find out what to feed your bunny at every stage of their life. Which kinds of woods and materials are safe(and what aren’t), proper holding, training and care techniques.

We have an Advice Section with answers to specific topics. Some of our larger articles include our Essential Guide to Rabbit Nutrition and our Feeder and Water Bottle Guide. we also have a Rabbit Breed Directory(in progress). If you’re curious about Hutch Reviews you can jump straight to our Reviews Section. If Breeding is more your thing, we have a complete guide to Breeding Rabbits and Raising Young.



Size Matters!

Best Rabbit Hutch - Size Matters!It’s important to note that while a couple of rabbits can run around in a lot of the hutches on the market, it’s not ideal for them. Sometimes it’s best to add on extra run space, or get an additional exercise area for your bunny to keep in peak physical health.

Indoor rabbit hutches are preferred by many rabbit owners, while some outdoor hutches make a suitable indoor rabbit hutch, many of them leave floors exposed and other measures need to be taken to line beneath the cage, and to contain the occasional ‘bunny accident’.

The normally accepted square footage per average sized medium rabbit breed(8.8 pounds or 4 kg)  is ten square feet(or .93 square meters). It is still necessary for pet rabbits to get out and about to run around, just make sure you keep a close eye on them as they do love to burrow, dig and gnaw on everything they shouldn’t.


Beware of Toxic Hutches!

Sad Rabbits Do not Allow Toxic Stuff Near them!There are many hutches out there that contain toxic preservatives or that contain woods such as Beech and Oak that can make a bunny sick.  We created this page to inform people of how to find the best rabbit hutch and create the healthiest environment possible. Far removed from their wild ancestors(by literally hundreds of years and tens of thousands of generations), domestic rabbits require you to create this environment aren’t as savvy as to what can and can’t be eaten.

Domestic Rabbits are dependent of you making their environment safe by being an informed bunny owner. Some plastics are safer to use than others. Not only this but some foods, like carrots, can make your bunny sick. Please please please don’t feed your bunny anything more than tiny portions of carrots or other high sugar foods(like root vegetables) as these can make them very sick. Pet rabbits are meant to eat a combination of hay/grass, leafy greens and pellets. We have a feeding guide here.




It doesn’t end at the Hutch!

It Doesn't End at the Hutch - Best Rabbit HutchYour Rabbit relies on you for care, affection, exercise and entertainment(basically everything). Domestic rabbits are very intelligent and need stimulation, just as a dog or pet mouse would. This means your pet needs active engagement as well as room for proper exercise. Not only this but feeding your bunny the correct balance of food and avoiding poisonous treats is an absolute must. Toys and things for chewing on are important too. By providing the best rabbit hutch, correct feed, proper toys, playing with your bunny and letting it get enough exercise, your bunny will lead a happy and healthy full life. All thanks to you.






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