Becca Best Rabbit HutchHi everybody, so supposing you came to this page to find out what it’s all about. I’m Becca, mother of two, lover of horses, homesteading and animals. I’m nearly a vegetarian, though I make exceptions for humane meat.

We live in middle america on a tiny block that we make the most of. We’ve had everything from pigs to emus and have now settled for goats for their diversity. We also have pet rabbits that occasionally have kits that we sell to the local community. We’ve had rabbits for over ten years now and feel like we know a thing or two by now.

We created this site after getting frustrated with the lack of quality in the hutches in our local stores. So my hubby and I set about to find the best in rabbit products on amazon and BestRabbitHutch.com was born. So please, browse our site, read our reviews and check out our advice page.




Best Rabbit Hutch