Guidelines to Finding the Perfect Pet Rabbit for You

Having a pet rabbit is a personal preference, and choosing what kind is something to really ponder on. Your evaluation of your own personality will make a good starting point in choosing your home companion. Your relationship should be beneficial on both sides as well. In addition, your status as whether you are alone in your home or is living with someone or family or children make another huge consideration in your decision. Making wise decisions will definitely reap the most benefits.

The Right Choice

A number of different criteria in choosing the right pet for your home must be carefully evaluated in order to stay happy and contented with your decision. Pets are not toys in the first place, and their life is your responsibility when you assumed their ownership. Responsible pet ownership is reflected by the behavior of your pets at home and when with other pets and people as well. Traditional choices include dogs and cats. Comparing the two is already a daunting task, adding a third option may either confuse you or make it easier to decide.

Rabbits at a Glance

The first impressions on rabbits are that they are more behaved, and they require less undivided attention from the owners. Well, basically, rabbits are not exactly the way most people perceive them. Domesticated animals made for pets in general, should be able to thrive in the environment of their new home by knowing and addressing their specific needs, accordingly. Breeding has enabled them to adapt easily to domestication. Rabbits are known to be active and sensitive animals. Their natural instinct for movement require you to have an adequate space in your home where your pet rabbits can freely hop and jump around. Their hutches must be well designed and constructed according to some standards and functionality.

Considerations in Age and Gender

After careful evaluation of the rabbit’s personality in general, and you still decided that pet rabbits are the right ones for you, continue reading on. Rabbits have relatively shorter lifespan than dogs and cats, about seven to ten years. Starting with a baby or adult bunny will entail specific requirements for proper care and handling. A baby bunny that has just been weaned need a supplement of milk aside from dry food while the adult one will consume more in terms of quantity and variety. You should also consider the gender to adopt because does (females) and bucks (males) differ in behavioral requirements. In general, male rabbits are more aggressive than their female counterparts. Also, males mingling with other males will promote more aggressive behavior, so it is best to neuter them to make them tame. Special care is also extended to pregnant does so this should also be considered before putting them together in one hutch. You should also be ready for procreation.

Young Children, Allergies and Behavior With Other Pets

Getting a pet rabbit is generally not suitable for children. Children haven’t developed the essential control needed in handling rabbits properly. With children in their environment, your pet rabbits are more susceptible to injuries and distress. They might also frighten your bunny, and might also force them to inflict pain on your children in defense. It is therefore best to supervise children at all times in the presence of rabbits. It is also best to check first if you or any in your family is allergic to rabbit fur and dander. And if your home has other pets such as cats and dogs, you don’t need to worry because given enough time, they will get along very well. But take note that before introducing a different type of pet in your household, make sure that existing pets are well-trained to avoid aggressive and territorial dispute tendencies among them.

The Basics of Rabbit Care

Like humans, the basic needs of rabbits include food and shelter. The basic dietary and nutritional requirements of your pet rabbits depend on their age. Add this to your research beforehand because choosing food include going through aisles of different brands of pellets and fresh produce of vegetables and hay. The rabbit hutch should also conform to considerable standards and requirements in space, construction and design. Health care is also important for a long period of companionship, and it is best to consult with reputable experts. Equip yourself with knowledge in knowing whether there is something wrong with your pet. Plenty of time for interaction is also encouraged to increase your bond.

Rabbit Market

The pet market has considerably extended its shelves for rabbits for sale. You are spoiled with options, so take your time in finding the right one for you. It also offers different type of rabbit breeds to match your need, whether you will keep them indoors most of the time, or give them the freedom outdoors. The rabbit market also has many options for cages and food. Also, to make the experience fun, it also has grooming kits for bunnies for sale too.

Choosing the Right Breed and Breeder

Bunnies for sale have breeds that vary in sizes and even color options. Choose according to your personality for easy adjustment. It is also wise to choose the one that can be also kept indoors. Go to a reputable breeder to better assist you with all your questions. You may also consider visiting the local rabbit rescue homes in your area.

Do rabbits need socialization?

Rabbits are naturally sociable beings, especially with their own kind. While there is no need for a bunch, a pair to adopt is enough. As the owner, it is also vital to spend time interacting with your pet rabbits. This will lessen the stress brought about by their new environment. It will help you both make excellent companions.

Not rushing into your decision will save you from stress. Knowing your specific need and evaluating your own lifestyle are the basic steps before adoption. A pet rabbit makes a great companion when treated properly in your home. Your commitment should be made beforehand because you are dealing with living beings and not toys. Always remember that pet ownership is a responsibility.

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