72″ x 48″ Pet Playpen w/Door & Cover Rabbit Enclosure

Product Name:Pet Playpen w/Door & Cover Rabbit Enclosure
Size:72" x 48"
Number of Rabbits:2
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This is our favorite play pen on the market. Featuring robust construction, a shaded area and a caged lid, you can leave your rabbits to play unsupervised. It can easily be step up and folded away for easy storage.

This isn’t the best enclosure for a permanent run, as it has an open bottom, but if you do plan on using it for that reason, we suggest you put some slabs down to prevent digging. It got a little rusty after a couple of nights of rain, so an additional cost of a paint like Rustoleum is recommended.

There are no instructions included with the enclosure either, but we didn’t find this enclosure particularly difficult to assemble.

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