Advantek Penthouse Rabbit Hutch

Product Name:Penthouse Rabbit Hutch
Size:4.5 square feet
Number of Rabbits:1
Slide out Cleaning Tray:Yes
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The Advantek Penthouse is a cute little pen, really well suited to be the perfect indoor hutch. It has two open sides in the run area, and an enclosed retreat, all with wire floor and plastic tray. This makes the hutch an absolute dream to clean up. The lid, like with most hutches we review, lifts up to let you get you your bunny. At only 4.5 square feet, this hutch is really only suitable for one small bunny full time or a medium rabbit with some run around time. However we were a bit concerned with the quality of the timber this hutch was made from, it looks great and sturdy, but the timber was a little thin. The one we bought had no real issues apart from the hinges being a little crooked when we fit them. Nothing a drill can’t fix.


We love how it’s up of the ground. With some urine guards, it makes for a great and easy to keep clean hutch while the natural dark color of the timber gives it a complementary indoor look.


A customer of ours bought this hutch for her daughter and had an issue with the wood splitting. We conclude that if you do decide to purchase this – a good head for repairing and fine tuning would go a long way, and you shouldn’t have any problems assembling this hutch. The price tag is fairly low actually, and if you’ve the right head to get this hutch together soundly, it leaves enough in your pocket for some necessary accessories.

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