Confidence Pet 62″ Rabbit Hutch

Product Name:Confidence Pet 62" Rabbit Hutch
Size:62in x 24in x 29.5in
Number of Rabbits:2
Slide out Cleaning Tray:Yes
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Confidence Pet 62 Rabbit Hutch Review 2This is just about the best rabbit hutch for owners of multiple small to medium size bunnies. This 62″ model features a large run area for more than one pet to play around. It also features a ramp that leads to a retreat, and makes the entire hutch more compact and tidy and provide a nice cool place for your rabbit on even the hottest of days.

Made of solid wood construction, this hutch can take a bit of punishment for cat and dog owners. The mesh is woven from heavy duty steel, which will keep even the most persistent predators at bay.

The wood is furniture grade and sanded to the same quality resulting in an incredibly smooth finish and has an anti-fungal coating that is waterproof to boot. The roof is also asphalt to ensure complete water protection for your pet.

Confidence Pet 62 Rabbit Hutch Review Lid OpenThe roof is hinged and opens in a split to make it easy to get to the retreat area and clean out, or grab your pet if you need to.. There’s also a lanyard to stop it from opening too wide.

Like any good hutch, this features a slide out plastic tray beneath the retreat area for easy cleaning as well as two lockable doors for easy access.

The wire used it very heavy duty and will last a long time without worry, unlike some of the epoxy coated mesh found in cheaper hutches, which is dangerous for your rabbit’s health.


While this hutch is great to house a couple of bunnies, we recommend getting an additional exercise area and letting your rabbits exercise regularly.

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