Merax Wooden Rabbit House

Product Name:Merax 2 Story Wooden Rabbit House
Size: 56"L X 25.6"D X 39"H
Number of Rabbits:1
Slide out Cleaning Tray:Yes
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This is a two story design from Merax. Measuring in at 56″L X 25.6″D X 39″H makes it a decent 10 square feet run area, suitable for one small to medium sized bunny. The footprint lets a fair bit of grass area through for your rabbit to snack on. The Cedar wood is highly durable, and sits well outside, unlike some of the lesser hutches on the market. The front run area folds down to let house and yard trained rabbits come and go as they please with a solid ramp that lets bunnies escape to their retreat when they want a bit of privacy.


The linoleum covered roof opens up for ease of access and allows for a runoff of water. It also has a nice plastic pull out tray for ease of cleaning. After a light sand, our friends painted theirs to match their house but it isn’t a strict necessity with a waterproof coating in place already.


All this said though we got the feeling that the space wasn’t utilized 100% with the run extending past the retreat area, plus the water runoff poured straight down to the run area.

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