Peter’s Woven Grass Play Ball

Product Name:Peter's Woven Grass Play Ball
Size:5 x 6 x 9 inches
Number of Rabbits:1
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Your bunny will fall in love with this simple toy. Made of a natural safe woven grass, your bunny can push, climb on and chew to his or her hearts content. This ball has a little bell inside giving your bunny some interesting sounds as they roll around. The bell isn’t terribly loud either so it’s not annoying, nor too loud for your rabbits ears. Our bun fell in love with this ball, first by rolling it, but now she’s figured out how to get her nose under it and flip it in the air. Too cute! This ball might not suit Giant Breeds, but will be fine for most rabbits. Ours has lasted well over 3 months, and is still(nearly) fully intact, despite a few chews. Can’t recommend this Woven Grass Play Ball enough!

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