TRIXIE 2-Story Rabbit Hutch With Attic – Extra Large

Product Name:TRIXIE 2-Story Rabbit Hutch With Attic - Extra Large
Size:53 x 45 x 44 in.
Number of Rabbits:3
Slide out Cleaning Tray:Yes - two of them
TRIXIE 2-Story Rabbit Hutch With Attic – Extra Large
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We absolutely love this rabbit hutch. If you’ve the budget for it, we can’t recommend this enough.

Weighing in at 111 pounds, this hutch features a two story construction, the downstairs is a play area, whilst the upstairs, accessed by a 6″ wide ramp, is the retreat. If opting for the XL Model(frequently on sale) it even has a cute little deck so your bunnies can enjoy a room with a view. Like all the top hutches we approved of, there are pull out trays for ease of cleaning. The extra wood paneling down the back of the downstairs area provides both protection from the elements, and protection from spraying (in the case of male rabbits).

There are doors galore on these hutches, from interior hatched door to restrict access to particular areas. A sliding door that runs the entire length of the upstairs area makes it a breeze to clean. But of all these extra goodies, the attic area  (with removable floor) is our favorite. It can be used to add a bit of extra insulation in the colder months, or simply for storage of pellets or equipment. The roof is hinged on both sides and opens wide up to get nice access and to check on a nesting box, if you have one.

Easy assemble instructions come in the box, and it comes with everything in the package.  If anything, the quality of the wood could be a little higher – but we don’t have a problem with its structural rigidity.


The one problem we had with this hutch was the wood was chew-able, but this speaks for the natural condition of the timber. To get around this we put some bitter anti-chew spray on the wood, which solved the problem right away.

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