TRIXIE Rabbit Hutch with Outdoor Run and Wheels

Product Name:TRIXIE Rabbit Hutch with Outdoor Run and Wheels
Size:8" x 45" x 32"
Number of Rabbits:1-2
Slide out Cleaning Tray:Yes
Material:Wood and Stainless Steel
Get this Top Notch Rabbit Hutch!

TRIXIE have done a great job with this particular rabbit hutch.


Similar to the Merax Hutch, it has a slide out cleaning tray, and hinged roof. The main distinguishing features of this model is the steeped asphalt roof covering the run and the attached wheels making it easy to wheel around.


The price is a little higher than most hutches but it truly speaks for the quality. The covered run area lets rabbits run around even during a downpour which our bunny appreciates. The solid steel grate construction stops predators from getting access to give you peace of mind.


Measuring at 78″ x 45″ x 32″ gives this hutch a huge footprint of 24 square feet! This means it can fit a couple of small to medium sized rabbits, or one big bunny(but uhh, not too big.)!


Another awesome feature of this hutch is the attic space with removable floor. We put a but of insulation in here for ours during winter, but it can be used for storage too. This is the hutch we use to this day. Took the both of us to assemble it though, so make sure to ask a friend over to help you put it together.

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