Rabbit Neutering -What Does it Mean For You and Your Pet?

Rabbit Neutering Best Rabbit HutchRabbit Neutering, its the first and most pressing decision that rabbit owners will make for their furry friend. It is imperative that you make an informed decision as a new rabbit owner, as it will impact many factors for your rabbit. As people, I like to think we feel a certain amount of empathy for the animals that we submit to this process because we know that we would not like to undergo this procedure ourselves.

Neutering is targeted at pet owners. In these cases the benefits are for both the owner and their furry friend far outweigh the cons. Below are some of the differences that rabbit neutering can make. Consider these so you can make an intelligent decision.

Rabbits that are spayed tend to live longer than other rabbits.

The activity of rabbit neutering has been proven to give them greater longevity. This is because neutering reduces their incidence of developing cancer and other deadly diseases that originate in the reproductive tract of the animals.

Rabbit neutering helps tone down raucous behavior.

Typically, animals that are not spayed or neutered tend to be more aggressive or ‘wild’ in their behavior. Thus, when they are neutered, they are more at ease and even peaceful at times. This can provide a considerable benefit to the owner of these creatures as well as the rabbit itself.

Male rabbits are less likely to spray.

As a way of marking territory, males will spray urine on just about anything with impressive range(and accuracy). As a precaution with un-spayed rabbits, it can pay to keep them outdoors. Rabbit neutering reduces or even eliminates this meaning you can stress less about your furry buddy covering everything in pee.

They won’t breed.

This may be an obvious one but in the case of rabbits it’s a huge plus. If you happen to have males and females that have access to each other or are located within the same enclosure, then this procedure will be absolutely essential. This is because rabbits reproduce at extremely rapid speeds. As an obvious result, they can create a large number of offspring that the owner was not prepared. If this has already happened, or you’d like to consider breeding, please check out my Complete Guide to Breeding Rabbits

It can make rabbits healthier.

For the same reason that the lifespan of the rabbits can be extended, neutering can also help to increase the overall health of the rabbits as well. As they become less susceptible to diseases and infections that can occur in the reproductive tract, they will also experience greater health over the span of their life as well.

Rabbit surgery has advanced in many ways in recent years.

This is another crucial facet of the neutering/spaying process. The technology and capability of veterinarians has improved significantly in recent years. As a result you won’t have to worry about jeopardizing the overall health of your rabbit if you decide to submit him into this process.

Rabbit Neutering Best Rabbit HutchConclusion

In the end, if you are aiming to keep your bun as a pet, we do recommend you neuter them. There really is no need to keep them intact as it will decrease the quality of their life while increasing the stress.  Please consider all of the benefits that have been put forth above. If you’re thinking of breeding rabbits, you should read our guide. It is adamant that you have a full understanding of what it means to have un-neutered rabbits and really consider why it is you want to keep them intact. If you’re unsure what gender your bun is, we’ve a guide to checking your rabbits gender here.

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